LinkedIn Coaching

Why does a business want to be on LinkedIn?  To find Customers.

People usually think of LinkedIn as a Business networking site.  And it’s a place for business to sell to other businesses.

But that is only one possibility.   There are business owners and employees on LinkedIn too.  Those business owners and employees are also consumers.  So don’t ignore the Consumer possibilities.

Dont forget about the unemployed.  There are LOTS of people looking for employment on LinkedIn.  They could also be a source of Customers for you.

So being on LinkedIn is good for business and consumers.  We can help you find Customers  as well as help other people find you.

What can we help you Learn?

  • How to properly Setup LinkedIn so potential Customers find you
  • A daily plan to make new connections and engage them
  • Follow up with your new connections to turn them into Customers

If you don’t have the time to learn and use LinkedIn, we can do it for you.