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What Do You Need Help With?


“If you build it – They will come” doesn’t work with websites. You need people to VISIT your website. That means more needs to be done to direct people there. Google and Social Media are great sources for visitors. But there is still more to do.


Can people find you? Or are you invisible? Just as you hand out a business card to everyone you meet, you need to have your name, phone, and address everywhere online.


What are you looking for? More phone calls? More booked appointments? More Email addresses for your list? Or are you trying to sell something? When someone visits your website, is it VERY clear what you want them to do? So often I see websites with no “call to action”. If you don’t tell them what to do, they will just leave. And it’s a wasted visit.

Are you getting Clients from Google?

You probably have a Website. You probably use one or more of the popular Social Media platforms; Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. But you still aren’t getting any Clients. Does that sound like you?

There is more to do than just having a Website. And more to do than just signing up for Facebook.

That’s where I can help. I would be happy to discuss what you need:
βœ” Optimizing your Website
βœ” Improving your Social Media profiles
βœ” Connecting with others to share your products and services
βœ” Adding the other necessary items to get on to Page 1 of Google
βœ” Ads to get more visibility
βœ” Know how to ask for testimonials on public sites; such as and Google
βœ” Placement of your business on the Google and Bing maps
βœ” Is your WordPress website secure? There are extra configuration steps to properly protect it.

You need Google to be part of your Team, to help your business move up to show on Page 1 of the search results. That’s what encourages phone calls and appointments to happen more often. It makes no difference if your prospective Clients are searching on their phone or on their PC. You need Google.

Stop losing Clients because you are invisible online. BE VISIBLE!