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When growing your business, its all about HOW you spread the word, so people learn about you.

Remember the phrase “Build it and they will come” from the movie “Field Of Dreams”? That usually doesn’t work with businesses. You need to promote your products or services by telling people. Don’t sit back and “hope” that because you have a website that they will magically come.

Think of it like a party invitation. You don’t just plan a party for next Saturday night, then HOPE people will magically learn about it and come … right? It’s the same for building and promoting your business …. you need to TELL people.

You WANT people talking about you, leading to more new people being interested to learn more.

This all starts with … how many people did you TELL? Meaning … how many people are learning about you, hearing things about you, and recommending you?

Do you have a great reputation online? Or, are you invisible?


Here are some questions to get you thinking about how you could be spreading the word,  to tell people about your products or services.

  • What are you doing to reach new clients? (people who don’t know you yet)
  • How do you tell people about your products, services, and specials?
  • What followup are you doing to reach past clients to help them purchase from you again?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the free stuff?
    – Blogging on your website
    – Google maps
    – Nextdoor App
    – Yelp
    – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – Pinterest
    – Twitter
    – Linkedin
    – Bing maps
    – Apple maps

There are hundreds more places, but the ones above are the most important ones to start with.

  • What PAID services are you using? The free stuff only get’s you so far, so you WILL need to use one or more of these.
    – Nextdoor app offers
    – Messenger 
    – Facebook
    – Google adwords
    – Instagram
    – LinkedIn
    – Other sites for your industry? (Avvo, thumbtack, home advisor, groupon, trip advisor, my guy referrals, etc )
    – Press Releases
  • Is your website connected to Google and are you receiving the free data google is collecting about your website?
  • What is your most popular page or content on your website? And what are you doing to turn those visitors into buyers or clients?
  • How are you following up with people who visit your website? And people who have watched your videos?
  • What are you doing to continuously grow your email list?
  • Do you have goals for the number of sales you want?
  • How are you asking clients for a review? And are you asking someone every day?
    Get my 4 tips here =>
  • After each completed sale, how do you ask for a referral?
  • How do you followup with past clients to remind them you still want referrals?
  • Who are your Referral Partners? This phrase, referral partner, may be new to you. Its someone who’s ideal client is the sames as yours. But your product or service does NOT compete with them. Here are a couple examples to help you see this…..
    A) a Chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist. They all serve the same clients, but have different services. It’s EASY for one to refer their client to one of the others. Everyone benefits when the same client is passed around.
    B) a Realtor and a mortgage person. Again, different services but the same type of client to share.
    So WHO or what type of business would be a great Referral Partner for you?
  • How do you educate your Referral Partners so they always know what specific type of client you are looking for?
  • Who is your best Referral Partner?
  • How do you measure the success of your promotions and advertising? Both the free ones and the paid ones?
    Things are constantly changing. So what worked well previously, doesn’t mean it’s still working today and tomorrow.
    Knowing what is being successful now, helps you to know where to invest more time and money. As well as cut loose those that aren’t working for you.

We can help with all of this.:

✔ Optimizing your Website
✔ Improving your Social Media profiles
✔ Connecting with others to share your products and services
✔ Adding the other necessary items to move up to to Page 1 on Google
✔ Ads to get more visibility
✔ Know how to ask for testimonials on public sites; such as and Google
✔ Placement of your business on the Google and Bing maps
✔ Is your WordPress website secure? There are extra configuration steps to properly protect it.

Interested to learn more?  You can schedule a 15 minute phone consultation or use this.

“Stop losing Clients because you are invisible online. BE VISIBLE!”