5 Ways to Set Up a Reviews Page on Your Website

A review or website testimonial is information that talks more about your products and services. This information is mostly produced by your customers, peers, and other interested parties that highlight their experience after buying your products and services. To set up a review page, you will need to understand some critical factors that are highlighted below.

1. Visually Engaging

One of the primary methods of setting up your customer review website is by ensuring that it is visually engaging. You should ensure that most of the information on your site uses descriptive language that will create a picture of what customers will get after they purchase your products and services. Codeacademy’s website has the best review website when it comes to visual engagement. Their review website contains pictures that explain what they do.

2. Simplicity

Being simple and minimal is one aspect that you should incorporate when developing a review website. You should ensure that your review page is simple to navigate and that there is no unnecessary information that you can’t find on the website. Rules of Renovation has one of the simplest reviews pages you can ask for. You can use this example to make your review site to look attractive and straightforward.

3. Aligned

Your review page should be aligned such that all the testimonials highlighted can be connected with the specific features present in your brand. For example, you should ensure that the particular characteristics of a brand have been connected with a product so that customers can see what they have just read. The Bluebeam website aligns product features with the content on its websites.

4. Specific

This is where website owners make a mistake. They include general information such as “I love” which does not expound much on the product under consideration. As a business leader who wants to attract customers, you should ensure that the information present on your review page should only contain specific information about the product such as why they love the product. ChowNow’s website is an excellent example of a website that includes accurate information. Customers, through short videos, highlight why they like the products rather than just saying they love the products.

5. Creativity

A website review page is your marketing platform that needs to be creative and attractive. You should not develop a customer review page just for the sake of it. Clear Slide’s testimonial platform presents one of the most creative sites you will ever see. Instead of just telling you to read about customers reviews, it understands “What They’re Saying.” This demonstrates creativity and deviation from the norm.

As a business leader, you should incorporate these strategies so that you can have a testimonial page that is aligned, specific, creative, and visually engaging.

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