Are you ready for a Facebook Business page?

Are you ready for a Facebook Business page?  There are several reasons you want one…
  • people don’t need to be a facebook member to see your business page, anyone can
  • it can act like a mini website, with buttons and playing videos
  • your customers and clients can leave a testimonial ( facebook members only )
  • blog posts can be displayed on your business page
  • search engines can see your business page
  • links on your Facebook Business page to your website count as backlinks
  • it’s free

One prerequisite for having a business page, is someone needs to be the administrator of the page.  Meaning you need to be a Facebook member to be the administrator of your Business page.

Have you joined Facebook yet?  It may not be obvious, but when you join Facebook you create a Personal Profile.  This is very different from a business page.  With your Personal Profile, you are a Facebook member.  And as a member you can see other Facebook member’s info. But to see other member info, you need to be logged in.  That is a huge difference between Profiles and business pages.  Profiles are private, requiring the member to log in.  Business pages are public.  Anyone can see them and no login necessary.

Part of completing your Profile, is supplying a wide range of info about yourself. Remember though, not all of it is required.  Be aware of your privacy and security.  Only provide what you are willing to share with the World.   Even with the security Facebook has, the best way to protect your private info is to NOT give it to Facebook.  The same is true for all Social Media tools.   I don’t provide my birthday (or I supply a fake one if required).  And I don’t provide my home address, I just say Phx AZ.  You are the best one to judge what is safe to share.

If you haven’t joined facebook yet, just go to and you’ll see the SignUp area.

Once you have joined, you can create a business page.  There are 2 ways to get started.  On, when you are not logged in, you’ll see “Create a Page” under the SignUp form.  It’s small and easy to miss.

The other way, if you are logged in, click on HOME.  You’ll see HOME in a menu in the upper right corner.  After clicking HOME, you’ll see several items to click on in the upper left corner.  Click on ‘ADS AND PAGES’, then you’ll see a button that says “+ Create Page”.

You’ll be asked what type of page.  In most cases, you will use the OFFICIAL PAGE panel and click on “Local Business”.  Enter a page name. and click on “Create Official Page”.  Just keep following the prompts to setup your page.

Want to see what is possible with Business Facebook pages?  Look at these examples on my website->

Remember, this is all free advertising for you and your Business.  Take advantage of it.