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The proof is in your numbers

Quite often, people ask me how they can get more phone calls or booked appointments.

The answer is simple.  Get more visitors to your website.  Ideally, the RIGHT visitors. People who really want or need what you offer.

More website visitors = more more calls and booked appointments.

But, not all visitors are ready call or book an appointment with you today.  So you need to be bringing more and more visitors back to your website every day.

This brings me to “the proof is in your numbers”.  From your historical numbers you should know how many people visit your website AND how many of those resulted in phone calls or appointments.   Google Analytics gives you your visitor counts.  You just need to track and count the calls and the bookings.

If you have an online calendar, visitors can book an appointment with you. People really do love handling their scheduling themselves.  Then it’s easy to count your bookings.

For the phone calls, if you have a different number on your website (different from your normal office number) then you can count those too.

Now you are set.  You can see how many visitors it takes to get a certain number of calls and booked appointments.

The numbers don’t stop there.  You always need to be increasing your visits.  Where are you telling people about your services or your offer online?  Where are people coming from to visit your website?

Google Analytics can help here too.  You can see how many people are coming from popular sites to learn more about you, your offer, or your services.   So look at your data.  How many visitors did you have during the past 30 days from …

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google Search (organic searches)
  • Google Maps
  • Bing Search
  • Yahoo Search
  • Emails you sent
  • Yelp
  • Google ADs
  • Bing ADs

I like to see where most visitors are coming from.  Then I do more on that platform since there is already lots of interest there.

Did you know Google Analytics can email your numbers to you? Would you like them weekly or monthly?  You get to choose when it’s setup.

Often, people are only thinking about Google.   How can I get more people finding me on Google?

Yes, it’s great to get clicks from Google.  Google is watching your numbers too.  Here are some more numbers to watch, to help improve your Google results.

How many words are on your website?  It takes strong, well-researched, helpful, and BETTER content on your website to squeeze out someone else, to make room for you in one of the exclusive spots on page 1 of google. It’s unlikely that you can provide a better answer or solution with less words than what is already there. In most cases, your page will need 1000 or more words. Simply check the word count of the website in position 10 of your search. Then create YOUR better content with more words.
This will count the words on a webpage =>

Can google see your page is MOBILE FRIENDLY?  The scoring here is either yes or no.  If it’s no, then you want to fix it.  Check your page =>

Lastly, is your page fast? Does it display within 3 seconds?
You can find out here =>
If your score is colored red or orange, it needs to be faster. You want to see a green score.

Is it even possible to get a green score? Yes it is… put this site into page speed to see it =>

There is one additional “speed” site I like.  To see how a website is performing at 12 locations around the world.  This is great if your clients or buyers are international.  If you are only interested in US visitors, 5 of the 12 locations are in the US.  This gives lots of numbers.  “First Meaningful Paint” is the best number to look at.

First Meaningful Paint, often called FMP, is the time it takes for a page’s primary content to appear on the screen. Coined by Google, FMP is often used as a primary measurement for user-perceived loading experience. Paint refers to the time at which the browser displays web page content onto a user’s screen. A first meaningful paint suggests that the content of the page, versus a header or navigation, is shown to the user.  This is the site to see your speed for all 12 locations =>

Can you see the proof in your numbers?  Are your numbers showing you where to fix things and where to focus more effort to improve your results?  If you want help improving your numbers or want help getting your numbers from Google Analytics, let us know.


General Tips

4 Tips for Strengthening Your Team

No matter how good your product or service is, a lack of team strength can really begin to affect its success. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many companies around the world are trying to constantly make sure their teams develop strong communication and organizational skills. So, how can you have a strong team in your own business?

Know Your Team

You should never allow a six month period to pass before evaluating your employees. This doesn’t mean you have to evaluate them through personal meetings every week, but you should still be attentive to their daily work. By observing how they approach small and large issues, you can quickly develop a clear report on their strengths and weaknesses. This information can allow you to distribute tasks for future team projects in a way that ensures everyone is assigned a task that matches their strengths.


Some of the biggest business blunders seen in history could have been avoided if teams simply communicated with each other. Thus, one of the first things you must do when preparing your team is to facilitate effective communication amongst its members. Encourage communication about everything that is happening with a project to provide a healthy level of transparency. Effective communication can also help everyone to feel like they are truly part of the team.

Adjust Goals

If your team doesn’t know where to aim, they won’t know how to direct their work. Adjusting your goals on a timely basis is so important. In business, things change all the time. So, one part of a project could quickly become obsolete. You don’t have to set up an entire powerpoint presentation outlining every single goal, but short, regular scrum meetings can help gather the team to discuss current progress and adapt. This, along with the introduction of agile training, can really begin to create a focus that is aimed toward a unified and up-to-date goal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate

Your team, as professional as its members may seem, still wants to feel valued for its hard work. Therefore, when your team performs well or the product is a success, make sure to celebrate it. A small speech and maybe some cake or pizza can truly go a long way.

The foundation of a company is only as strong as those working in it, which is why it’s so important to focus on strengthening teams. If you are facing issues with your team at the moment, following the tips above can help to make things better.

General Tips

4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Foolproof

How is your marketing strategy going? Not so well? Marketing is often the number one problem area for a company. Although the components are easy enough to comprehend, the overall strategy is a whole other matter. Here are four concepts to help you organize a foolproof marketing approach.

Making the Plan

In order to ensure that your marketing budget is being utilized to its utmost potential, you need to create a plan. After all, you don’t want to be throwing money out the window, especially if you’re a small business. This is why it is so vital to set up a strategic approach. Pinpoint areas of weakness with your team and identify solutions. Effective communication must be utilized throughout this process. Clearly communicate not only your wants but also the needs of your customers, and solicit any concerns or suggestions your employees may have.

Determining Failsafes

Previewing your marketing campaigns before sending them out live can help prevent accidental discounts and misinformation. These issues might seem minor, but the consequences can truly be gigantic. Mistakes happen. It’s a fact that after a while people tend to grow numb to certain images or blind to glaring errors. This is especially true if they’ve been working on the project for a while and fatigue sets in. You should always conduct a full demo of your marketing campaign before fresh eyes. This can be accomplished through a focus group or simply asking other employees what they think about the promotion.

Knowing Your Audience

The most effective and persuasive marketing strategy won’t work if you are not targeting the correct audience. The right audience consists of the people who are most likely to interact with your ads. That’s why it’s paramount to have this information on hand prior to even developing a marketing plan. The most effective and rapid method of finding your audience is to test ads on similar groups through social media.

Improving Your Content

To make your marketing strategy foolproof, there is something you must incorporate into it. You want people to click on your ads and interact with your company, but what happens after they’ve arrived on your website or social media page? Boring and out-of-date content will have your customers leaving before you can implement effective sales tactics. Therefore, it is imperative to crank up your content prior to the launch of your marketing campaign. This will make sure that your potential customers are engaged, even if they don’t purchase the first time.

Creating a foolproof marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task to accomplish. However, the tips above demonstrate how simple it is to get started on the right track. Bear them in mind and adapt them to formulate an approach that fits your particular business.

Here’s another article you might like: 3 Ways to Expand Your Business When You’re Ready for the Next Level

General Tips

5 Methods for Strengthening Your Team

When it comes to running a successful business, having a strong and capable team can often make or break your efforts. If you sense a weakness in your current team, whether it be a breakdown in communication or general inefficiency, working on that weakness as soon as possible is vitally important. On the other hand, even if you have an already strong team, taking steps to strengthen it can mean taking that team from acceptable to incredible. Here are some of the steps you can take to boost the strength of your current team.


The key to survival for any species is being able to successfully adapt to change, and a business is no different. In the cases of some teams, everything goes swimmingly when the team’s mission goes according to plan. But as soon as something goes wrong, the whole objective falls apart. You can help your team reduce the risk of this happening by focusing on adaptability. Talk to team members about what to do if something goes wrong or if complications arise. Of course, one of the best ways to learn is to do so while on the job. Rather than scolding teams or only offering suggestions after the fact, be prepared to offer constructive advice if something gets in their way.

Focus on Collaboration

One of the most important parts of being a team is, of course, teamwork. Some people are naturally better team players than others. If your team is full of hardheaded independent thinkers, introduce collaboration tools to help them get accustomed to working with one another. Finding appropriate tools for collaborating with your team can help keep everyone on the same page. These collaboration tools will look different depending on what your team is working to accomplish. They may look like online platforms where employees can communicate and share progress. They can also take the form of a general strategy for brainstorming and task delegation. Either way, devoting a little time helping your team collaborate will go a long way when it comes to results.

Form Sub-Teams

There is some research to suggest that small workplace teams work better than larger ones. While some projects may need to be all hands on deck, others are easier to accomplish with a divide and conquer approach. If a given project seems to call for it, separating your team into smaller groups may be wise. For instance, if a given project involves several discrete tasks, you can save your team time by assigning a small group to each task, rather than simply asking them to divide the work themselves. However, make sure you don’t do the dividing randomly and take time to consider employee personalities and who will work together best. If your sub-teams have major personality clashes (or are made up entirely of your least motivated employees), this approach will likely be less efficient.

Have Regular Meetings

This approach can help your team quickly identify what’s working, what isn’t working, and how to improve. However, not just any meeting style will work. If you want honest collaboration, you’ll need a meeting that is free of judgement. Many people, especially those who are anxious or have a tentative idea, will avoid speaking up for fear of being dismissed or ridiculed. Make sure to host team meetings that give everyone an equal opportunity to speak. It’s important to emphasize that you are looking for input from each team member, whether that input is positive or negative. While it’s good to have regular meetings, make sure you don’t overdo these. Many people view meetings as a chore, and if you’re having your team meet every other day, this might decrease the quality of the input you get. Leave a reasonable amount of time between meetings and consider bringing refreshments. This will encourage your team members to relax and enjoy the time sharing.

Make Sure Your Team Communicates With Other Departments

Making sure your team members can effectively collaborate with one another is a very important focus. However, some managers end up getting trapped in a state where they can’t see the forest for the trees. That is to say, they focus so much on strengthening their team that they forget to make sure their team communicates with others in the company. After all, few company endeavors are a one-team job. Your team will be stronger if its members are integrated into the office. Be sure to introduce your team to other teams working on the same project. This will help avoid mistakes and ultimately make your team stronger.

Working to strengthen your team doesn’t only benefit your company, it also benefits your team members themselves. When they feel confident working with each other and taking on tasks, they will have significantly less stress while on the job. Be patient, try different strategies, and watch your team build its strength up.

For more ways to be a great leader to your team, read on, here!

Business Competition

This is What Causes Your Customers to Run to Your Competitor

It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare: Churn.

It’s what happens when customers, who are notoriously fickle with their loyalties, come to a company, only to leave eventually for your competitor.  If you’ve experienced this, it’s probably not specifically about your company. Every company experiences churn.

Customers are easy to lose, and that’s just a fact of marketing. Today, experts estimate that out of 26 unhappy customers, only one will complain directly to your company. The rest will simply leave. This may lead you to wonder what you’re doing wrong, why your customers are leaving for your competition, and how you can improve your level of customer service. If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. This post is designed to help you understand how to retain customers, why they leave, and what you can do to stop at the whole churn cycle.

Why Customers Leave: 5 Things That Will Send Them Through Your Competition’s Doors

While some amount of churn is random, owing largely to customers in decision or preferences, lots of churn can be prevented. The first step is to understand why it happens. With this in mind, here are the five most common reasons that customers churn in today’s environment:

1. You Play Favorites

We get it, there’s some level of intelligence associated with paying the most attention to your loyal, returning customers. Those customers are worth more, and it’s easier to sell to them. Despite this, though, you don’t ruin returning clients by neglecting the clients that are coming to your company for the first time. If you do this, customers will catch on. If they feel like you’re playing favorites with your more established customers, they are simply going to leave.

With this in mind, focus on customer service. 84% of customers say that salespeople don’t share enough information with them and that this causes frustration which makes them want to take their business elsewhere. Once this happens, you’re in a deep, deep hole. It takes an average of 12 positive customer service experiences to make up for a single negative experience.

With these things in mind, it’s clear that you’ve got to start treating all your customers equally. Instead of rewarding loyal clients for expected Behavior, start focusing on nurturing new clients, as well.

With these things in mind, it’s clear that you’ve got to start treating all your customers equally. Instead of rewarding loyal clients for expected Behavior, start focusing on nurturing new clients, as well. When you pay your full attention to both pursuits, you have a better chance of creating a more balanced client base.

2. You Make Things Inconvenient

Customers love convenience. When you make working with your company inconvenient, it’s not going to fly. In an age where Amazon rules everything, virtually everything can be had within 2 days, and for free.

Customers or shopping online more than ever before and it’s clear that offering an inconvenient or clunky sales process will just earn your abandonment. With this in mind, focus on making your buyer’s journey as simple and streamlined as possible.

If you can look at your pipeline and identify where you’re losing customers, you’ll be able to find a way to resolve the pain point and retain business. Additional elements, like a mobile app, or online payment processing will go a long way toward making your shopping experience more streamlined as well.

3. Your Wait Times are Too Long

If you work in retail, it’s likely that you still have some checkout counter somewhere. Well, these checkout counters can be fantastic because they allow you an opportunity to interact face-to-face with your customers and create a real relationship, they can also be a serious liability.

Today, 86% of customers will leave it a store if the line to checkout is too long. With this in mind, it’s time to start asking if you have developed a line management system for your retail business.

If you haven’t, now is the time to start thinking about why, and how to build one. The answer may lie in building more check-out stations, hiring more staff, or utilizing a technological waiting line management system, which can also be helpful.

4. You’re Not Innovating

Customers today get bored. Who can blame them? There’s so much to look at in today’s retail environment. Modern customers have the option of choosing from countless companies, countless products, countless marketing schemes, countless checkout options, and more. There are dozens of ways for them to get the things they want.

Because of this, your company can either innovate or sink. If you are offering customers the same old products, goods, and services they’re used to, and you’re finding that you’re experiencing a lot of churn regardless, the answer might be that you’re not innovating enough. Innovation isn’t something that you can Plateau on. It requires constant maintenance and a close attention to detail. Once you’ve done it once, you need to keep redoing it, adjusting it to your customers, and ensuring its scaling with your business. The process goes on forever. To ensure that innovation is as efficient and targeted as possible, identify a couple of common pain points in your business. Next get your team to put their heads together to find new ways to route around the issue and provide better service for both employees and customers.

5. Your Competition is Just…Better

Nobody wants to hear this, but sometimes customers leave because your competition offers a better product good or service. In this case, it’s time to put your feelings and offensiveness aside, and figure out what action you can take as a result.

While every founder wants to think of their company as the best on the block, this isn’t always true. The great news is that you can use this as a lesson. What is your competition doing that you’re not? How can you mimic or improve upon their offerings?

Are they paying attention to customers in a way that you are not, but should be? Thinking about all of these things won’t make you any weaker as a company, it will only improve your offerings and make you more aware of your surroundings. If you’re not sure what your consumers like about your competition.

Consider sending out an email survey to past customers. The feedback might be hard to read, but it will certainly be illuminating.

Keeping Customers in Your Store

Although there’s no way to retain 100% of your customers 100% of the time, there are ways to reduce churn in your organization and ensure that the customers that you worked hard to earn stay where they belong.

But improving your customer service, taking lessons from your competition, and understanding how you can treat each customer equally and compassionately, will improve the offerings of your organization, and ensure that you are building long, happy customer to client relationships.

General Tips

3 Ways Your Business Needs to Improve its Customer Service

When it comes to running a successful business, keeping customers happy is key. Therefore, it is no surprise why some of the most established companies in the country spend so much money on researching and innovating their customer service experience. There are several ways your business can improve on customer service.

Be More Personal

A huge advantage that small businesses have on some of the more established is the ability to make service personal. Even if you run a large business, you can make the experience feel more personal for your customers. Implementing technology can help you improve relationships as there are several benefits of outbound calling services and live chat buttons. All these can be programmed to use your client’s name, thus giving it a personalized touch. Another way to improve your customer service by being more personal is to add thank you notes to customers who repeatedly shop with you. People like to be valued and thanked, especially when they are spending money. These types of strategies can truly go a long way in building confidence and trust amongst your customers.

Ask for Feedback

Understandably, being told that you are doing a bad job can hit a nerve. No company wants to hear that they are causing a customer to have a negative reaction. However, the best way to fix these pain points for customers is to simply ask. Asking for feedback is a win-win situation; not only are you receiving valuable information that can help your company improve, but customers are seeing that you care. Feedback can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as through anonymous surveys, social media polls, suggestion boxes within your store, or even a phone poll.

Engage On Social Media

The best way to improve your customer service experience is to engage your customers on social media. Social media provides you with the opportunity to see what people are saying about your company, both the good and the bad. Social media can also be used to ask customers what they want to see in your store. Polls, questions, and much more can be utilized to achieve this goal.

Building your customer relationships all begins with how you run your customer service. No person is going to feel the urge to do repeat business with a company that doesn’t care about their experience. Thus, business owners should carefully research and implement the tips listed above.

Facebook Marketing

The 5 Things Your Facebook Page Needs to Look Professional

Your Facebook page: it’s your company’s digital doorstep. Whether you’re setting up a new home page for your brand or trying to ensure that your existing one is as good as possible, you know that quality is everything, and it’s essential to ensure your page reflects your business to its absolute best.

The question, then, is how?

Remembering that Facebook sees nearly 2 billion monthly active users, you know that it’s essential to put your best digital foot forward and ensure that your customers are getting what they need from your page.

To put this another way, if your Facebook page isn’t displaying a comprehensive strategy designed to get you liked, noticed, engaged with, and followed, you’re missing out.

Here’s what you need to know about creating a professional, high-quality Facebook page:

Why Facebook Matters

First things first: why is your Facebook page so important? If you’re still waiting to understand the value of Facebook for business, here are a few things you need to know about the platform and its significance:

  • Facebook is the most popular social network site for marketers. Facebook is the top social channel for marketers. With more than 80% of marketers using the platform, it’s clear that not being on Facebook simply won’t do. In addition to so many people being on Facebook, marketers also overwhelmingly state that Facebook is one of the most effective marketing channels they use, with 73% of marketers saying it’s very useful.
  • Facebook is a significant driver of social media referral traffic. If you’re going to use a social media platform to gain social media referrals, Facebook is a great option. In 2014, for example, Facebook drove nearly 25% of all social media referrals, compared to the combined 31.24% driven by other social media sites.
  • Facebook offers the opportunity to create and distribute engaging social content. Facebook provides a high level of organic outreach, which makes it a perfect platform for learning how to engage and connect with your fans truly. If you’re just getting started on social media interaction, Facebook is the ideal way to master the art and connect more meaningfully.
  • Facebook hosts more than 40 million small business pages. Today, small business pages abound on Facebook. This means that anyone who wants to get noticed has to hop on the platform and participate. If most companies are using at least three social networking sites, it goes without saying that Facebook should have a place on the list.

5 Things A Facebook Page Needs to Look Professional

Now that you know why Facebook matters so much, let’s talk about what you can do to ensure your page looks professional, beautiful, and worthy of engagement:

1. Use a Business Page

If you’re operating your “business” page from a personal profile, you need to alter the approach. While a personal page is great for your personal life, using a Facebook business page will put you at a larger advantage.

Not only do business Facebook pages offer access to content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and all the analytics and insights you need, but a professional profile will also create a verified page that looks more professional and boosts the confidence of potential customers. Once you’ve established a Facebook business page, use these tips to optimize it:

  • Choose the right name.

Not only do business Facebook pages offer access to content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and all the analytics and insights you need, but a professional profile will also create a verified page that looks more professional and boosts the confidence of potential customers. Once you’ve established a Facebook business page, use these tips to optimize it:

  • Choose the right name. Your Facebook business page should be your business name, nothing else, nothing less.
  • Customize your vanity URL. Change the default URL on your page to reflect your company’s name. As a general rule, the vanity URL should match your page’s title. Not only will this improve findability, but it’ll look more personalized and professional.
  • Complete your profile. Your profile picture, cover photo, bio, and profile should all contain up-to-date information and should reflect the professionalism of your brand. Keep in mind that consistency is key here and that your main visuals should all match one another.

2. Create an Engaging Cover Photo

Your cover photo should do much of the legwork associated with your business. Since the cover photo takes the majority of your “above the fold” space on your page, it’s essential to choose one that reflects your brand and engages your viewer. Keep in mind that you can also be nimble with your cover photo as you launch new promotions, seasonal sales, and products.

A tip for Facebook cover photo success? Cover photo guidelines change frequently, so it’s important to keep your eye on your page to make sure the dimensions match. When you keep your visuals within the official guidelines, you’ll have a better chance of them being high-quality and visible.

3. Add a Compelling CTA

A call-to-action, or CTA, is an essential part of your Facebook page. After launching the CTA feature back in 2014, Facebook has vastly expanded the options for adding CTAs to your brand page.

Today, you can choose from a variety of options like “sign up,” and “book now,” Each CTA can be customized with a piece of content or destination URL of your choice. These CTAs are a great way to increase traffic and get more views on the Facebook content business owners want to focus on.

4. Fill out Your “About” Section

One of the most important pieces of your successful page: the “About” section. Often, one of the first places a potential customer will go for more information about you and your business. It is important to outline your value proposition and mission statement clearly, and create biographies of you and your team.

Make sure it’s detailed and engaging as it is meant to build rapport between you and your new customer.

5. Post Photos and Videos

It is time to add some content. Photos and videos are an effective medium to communicate your message and engage your visitors. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared than any other types of content, and it’s essential for you to focus on this area as you work on creating brand-specific content.

Make sure you post often content that is relevant, quality, and speaks to your brand. Don’t forget to have some fun!

A Better Facebook Page Starts Here

In today’s business environment, your Facebook page is integral to your success. These simple guidelines can elevate your brand and further drive sales all while helping you connect you to your customer base.

Small Business Marketing

Why Branding Your Social Images Makes you Stand out From Your Competition

Today, social media is synonymous with online marketing. If you’re looking for a way to improve your brand’s online presence and encourage more people to interact with your company, engaging on social media is one of the best things you can do.

It’s also important to remember, though, that social media is a very crowded field, and standing out requires getting creative. The more you can set yourself apart from the competition, the better you’ll fare. One of the best ways to do this is simple: brand your images on social media.

Here’s what you need to know about this straightforward approach, and how doing it can improve your efforts, both now and in the future.

Why Brand Your Social Images?

Starting a business is a great deal of work. It’s especially challenging in the digital age when companies must either adapt rapidly to online norms or fade into obscurity. One consideration that entrepreneurs need to get right from the beginning of the startup process is how to deal with and stand out from the competition.

We live in a highly capitalistic society, and everyone’s “out to get theirs.” For online companies to succeed in this industry, they must develop approaches which are unique and separate from the rest of the herd.

This is where branding social images comes in. Because Facebook is a highly visual platform, it stands out as one of the most crowded platforms on the web. It’s tough to stand out and even tougher to have your images noticed in the virtual sea of images. Fortunately, it’s easier to get around this issue if you figure out how to deal with competitors right from the get-go.

5 Reasons to Brand Your Social Images

There are dozens of reasons to brand your social images, not the least of which is recognizability. Here are a few things you need to know about the benefits of branding your social images, and how it can help your brand stand out online:

1. Recognition

Part of any great brand is recognition. Think about it with the brands you know and love. Nike, for example, Nike and Coca-Cola are both highly recognizable brands, and they achieve this with intelligent branding. Each brand has a defined color scheme, a

specific and continuous brand voice, and a masterful understanding of how best to brand their social media images and interactions. Both of these things create a sense of recognition for consumers, and make it easier for customers to trust brands across the board.
specific and continuous brand voice, and a masterful understanding of how best to brand their social media images and interactions. Both of these things create a sense of recognition for consumers, and make it easier for customers to trust brands across the board.

2. It Makes a Great First Impression

First impressions go a long way, we have all heard it before. Specifically, when it comes to your business’ website or social media page, the first glance can make all the difference and ultimately whether you just made a sale or not.

Our fast-paced, smartphone-driven world has accelerated this process. Having a well-designed website is essential to a productive first impression.

According to a report from the 2007 Design Council Report, companies with intentional design-conscious websites and social media sites outperformed those who did not. Simply stated, if you want a positive first impression and to form a lasting relationship with a potential customer, put some time, effort, and resources into these digital assets.

3. It’s Engaging for Consumers

When starting a new business, never be afraid to take a page out of someone else’s book. Established, successful businesses offer bulls-eye information about how effective design and creative branding can engage customers for the long run.

Take two examples: Apple and Nike.

Both use creative quotes and aesthetic design in their branding to engage consumers and ultimately offer an experience that is not just about shoes or computers. To capture the attention of a potential buyer in today’s vast consumer sea, focus on functional elements of design in your marketing with a brand strategy which speaks to your mission.

4. It Allows You to Target Certain Consumers

Whether it is a specific holiday campaign or a new product release, effective use of design in your marketing will help push sales either for a target audience or for a specific market. Make sure that your design choice aligns with your message and goal.

For instance, let’s suggest that you are the proprietor of a small local crepe shop on and as the leaves begin to change color, everyone enters a pumpkin spice frenzy. You want to further capitalize on this demand and reach as many potential pumpkin-spice aficionados as possible, so you incorporate fall design elements on your social media sites, create some storefront advertising, and perhaps put a new banner on your Facebook page to signal the return of the pumpkin spice extravaganza. All of it is equipped with your logo, and – boom! – you’ve got an effective marketing campaign.

It’s easy to see how creative and effective design and campaign alignment can boost sales in a particular group of consumers.

5. Direct Marketing Tool

There are many marketing tools in your toolbox. Print, email, website, TV, radio, etc. When reaching directly to consumers in this fashion, as we mentioned earlier, first impressions are paramount.

Effective design, consistency, and focus of message will heighten your success. For new business owners who lack the funds to be able to invest heavily in some of the more expensive direct marketing options, think and start small, a well-designed business card is an easy way to make a lasting impression.

Branding Social Images

In the digital age, the competition is more ferocious than ever, the landscape ever-changing. Creating an authentic voice into today’s digital marketplace is essential to establishing a brand consumers are interested in, and more importantly, connect with.

We all want an edge, and by using social media and other digital mediums, you take an important first step in creating a lasting connection with consumers all while establishing your digital voice.

When done effectively, your customers will value your authenticity and want to see and know more. Think about first impressions, your design aesthetic, how to effectively communicate your values, and how you can use your social images as a way to improve your business for the long run and for certain campaigns.

Are you looking for a skilled agency to help you brand your social media images? Contact our team today for additional assistance!

General Tips

3 Topics Businesses Need Their Leaders to Be Up-to-Date On

Business leadership must have an eye on the horizon for multiple opportunities. At the same time, they need to understand the dynamics of their team to make sure that the business can put those opportunities to use. Here are three topics that businesses need their leaders to review on a regular basis for continued success.

Leadership Skills

New strategies constantly emerge in leading cutting-edge teams, creating traditional backbones, and enhancing diversity in smarter and more inclusive ways. Bold leadership is different in every industry, but there are a few challenges that are the same in any business. For example, diversity is a growing, hot topic that is also extremely subjective. According to this source, striking a balance of diversifying workplaces without sidelining talent that doesn’t fit diverse profiles is vital. You may want to seek leadership workshops for best practices and lessons learned in having diversity discussions in a way that inspires your staff.


Big data, the internet, the cloud, and ransomware—they’re all big topics that you need to be aware of. There’s always something around the corner that you need to keep an eye on. The problem is that a lot of technology lacks clear payoff. It’s hard to be an early adopter without a solid plan, and it’s hard to make a solid plan if you don’t have a competent tech team. For now, keep an eye out on automation and artificial intelligence (AI). These two fields are changing businesses in massive ways and will either make your business options more efficient or put you out of business if you don’t have plans to restructure. 

Changing the storefront is important as people enjoy new ways to spend money, better information at the Point of Sales (POS) system, and less stress for the cashier. According to this source, retail software providers are constantly updating and upgrading their products, and some will offer client conferences or user groups to educate their customers on new features, products, and integrations. Consider upgrading to a system that has touch screen capabilities, emailed receipts, and networked kiosks away from the register. POS systems aren’t just about the front desk; sales and customer information can be delivered for coupon printers, membership research, and other details that take potential customers away from online competitors and into your internet offers.


Distant scientific discoveries are important as well. According to this source, quantum physics is becoming more relevant and applicable as better ways to commute, faster ways to transfer information, incredibly small ways to generate power, extremely dense ways to store information, and other breakthroughs that could deliver new products and services overnight. Tie your research department into grant proposals and government projects. Grants aren’t just for nonprofits, so don’t be afraid to look into research money that could benefit you and your benefactor at the same time. Start small by tasking a creative thinker to find projects that could help the business, and consider giving them a leadership role that doesn’t take too much time away from hunting science headlines.


Enhancing your own knowledge, delegating research to others, and creating new departments all comes at a cost. Time is limited–at least, until a researcher figures out a way around that–but you can figure out a profitable or less-costly way to build your future. Contact a business leadership professional to discuss tech and scientific advances for your team.

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Search Engine Tips

Can you be found in Google?

As I create websites for people, one of the first questions always is … Will I be found in Google, on page 1?

The short answer …. Get In Line!

There are 10 exclusive spots on page one. And Google is VERY picky about who gets one of those spots.

I’m not counting the Ad spots or the map results. I’m talking about the 10 free, organic results that show BELOW the ads and the map section. A new website or redesigned website will have difficulty squeezing out one of the 10 current websites that are already showing in google’s page 1 results. But that’s what is needed to climb into one of those top spots. To push one out, in order to make room for you.

So where do you start?

My favorite tool is UberSuggest. its a free tool to analyze your site AND your competition.

uber suggest tool

YES … you may not realize it, but you are competing to rise up and take one of those 10 exclusive spots.

The best place to start, is with a list of keyword phrases. Phrases that your ideal customer would be using to find the products or services you offer.

For example, lets say you are a Feng Shui master. Clearly you would want to be found for the phrases; feng shui, feng shui consultation, feng shui master.

what are your keyword phrases

Maybe you have a website already. So lets see how you stack up with your competition (sites already listed in the top 10 spots on page 1).

I went to UberSuggest and entered feng shui consultation in the keyword box.

search here

My search shows this message on the ubersuggest page…

average to surpass

This “average” is where you need to be. Does your website meet this at a minimum?
I will explain how to look, shortly.

Next scroll down a bit, and you’ll see website pages sorted by social media. Are people (including you) talking about your products/services and sharing your website URL? Does your website have similar social share counts?

social counts

I will explain how to look, but first lets answer the question up above….

Use UberSuggest and enter the keyword phrase that people would search for, to find YOUR products or services.

Look for the message that mentions the average domain score and backlinks. It will look something like this…

Does your website meet the average backlinks and domain score at a minimum? That’s a necessary step to be able to push someone else out of the 10 spots.

How many Social shares are listed for your phrase?

Now check YOUR website, by entering your domain at the top of the UberSuggest page.

You’ll get back a DOMAIN OVERVIEW. Two of the boxes are Domain Score and Backlinks. Have you met or surpassed the average for the keyword phrase you used above?

If not, you have more work to do, to build up your domain. See my article here to learn what’s needed.

Now for the counts of Social Shares (from you and other people) talking about your products or services.

Scroll down to the section for TOP SEO PAGES. Have any of your pages met or surpassed the social counts for the keyword phrase you used?

If not, you need to be posting more with your website URL. As well as, enticing your customers to be talking about you too.

That’s why i say the short answer is …. “Get In Line”. EVERYONE wants to be on page 1. But you have work to do, to squeeze someone else out of one of the 10 spots in google search results.

This quick analysis is just the first step to help you on the journey to climb higher, to eventually take over one of those 10 spots.