Search Engine Tips

Can you be found in Google?

As I create websites for people, one of the first questions always is … Will I be found in Google, on page 1?

The short answer …. Get In Line!

There are 10 exclusive spots on page one. And Google is VERY picky about who gets one of those spots.

I’m not counting the Ad spots or the map results. I’m talking about the 10 free, organic results that show BELOW the ads and the map section. A new website or redesigned website will have difficulty squeezing out one of the 10 current websites that are already showing in google’s page 1 results. But that’s what is needed to climb into one of those top spots. To push one out, in order to make room for you.

So where do you start?

My favorite tool is UberSuggest. its a free tool to analyze your site AND your competition.

uber suggest tool

YES … you may not realize it, but you are competing to rise up and take one of those 10 exclusive spots.

The best place to start, is with a list of keyword phrases. Phrases that your ideal customer would be using to find the products or services you offer.

For example, lets say you are a Feng Shui master. Clearly you would want to be found for the phrases; feng shui, feng shui consultation, feng shui master.

what are your keyword phrases

Maybe you have a website already. So lets see how you stack up with your competition (sites already listed in the top 10 spots on page 1).

I went to UberSuggest and entered feng shui consultation in the keyword box.

search here

My search shows this message on the ubersuggest page…

average to surpass

This “average” is where you need to be. Does your website meet this at a minimum?
I will explain how to look, shortly.

Next scroll down a bit, and you’ll see website pages sorted by social media. Are people (including you) talking about your products/services and sharing your website URL? Does your website have similar social share counts?

social counts

I will explain how to look, but first lets answer the question up above….

Use UberSuggest and enter the keyword phrase that people would search for, to find YOUR products or services.

Look for the message that mentions the average domain score and backlinks. It will look something like this…

Does your website meet the average backlinks and domain score at a minimum? That’s a necessary step to be able to push someone else out of the 10 spots.

How many Social shares are listed for your phrase?

Now check YOUR website, by entering your domain at the top of the UberSuggest page.

You’ll get back a DOMAIN OVERVIEW. Two of the boxes are Domain Score and Backlinks. Have you met or surpassed the average for the keyword phrase you used above?

If not, you have more work to do, to build up your domain. See my article here to learn what’s needed.

Now for the counts of Social Shares (from you and other people) talking about your products or services.

Scroll down to the section for TOP SEO PAGES. Have any of your pages met or surpassed the social counts for the keyword phrase you used?

If not, you need to be posting more with your website URL. As well as, enticing your customers to be talking about you too.

That’s why i say the short answer is …. “Get In Line”. EVERYONE wants to be on page 1. But you have work to do, to squeeze someone else out of one of the 10 spots in google search results.

This quick analysis is just the first step to help you on the journey to climb higher, to eventually take over one of those 10 spots.