Do you have a blog?

Do you have a blog?  And if you do, are you using it regularly to share information?

Here is a few reasons why your business needs a blog.

  • it’s a quick and easy way to share today’s news and tips to existing clients as well as potential clients
  • new blog posts addressing today’s needs of potential clients, helps to demonstrate your knowledge and help build a reputation of trust
  • there are free time saving tools that can distribute your post to various social media sites like facebook, Twitter, and linkedin
  • your blog readers can share your posts with their friends and family.  This is Internet viral marketing, when others are sharing and promoting what you write.

A vital part of blogging is having “remarkable” content.  I have 2 meanings for “remarkable”.

Meaning 1:  your posts are creative, unique, and interesting.  People crave the topics you write about and keep coming back to read more. Can you think of a website or person that you follow, because you can’t get enough of what they write?

Meaning 2: people want to share your posts with friends and family. And they actually remark about your posts by adding their own comments or viewpoint.

You can’t have number 2 without number 1.   And number 2 helps your search engine rankings, as well as brings visitors back to your Blog.  In the end, it’s “remarkable” content that brings traffic to your website and Blog.