Do you have a LinkedIn Account yet?

Do you have a LinkedIn Account yet?    LinkedIn is another popular Social Media site.  Although it’s more “corporate” than Facebook, it’s still a huge group of people and companies, which is another audience for you to find potential customers.

And LinkedIn can help you with a backlink.   As part of creating your profile, you can list your websites there.   However, the Search Engines won’t see them until you take a couple extra steps.

Remember, sites that require you to login means search engines can’t see the info.  Search Engines don’t have a login.   So you need to tell LinkedIn that it’s OK to expose some of your info to the world and the Search Engines.

Here is what you do:
1)  Login to LinkedIn
2)  Along the top of the page is menu items.  Click on PROFILE.
3)  On the right side, click on CHANGE PUBLIC PROFILE SETTINGS

Here you can control what information is publicly visible.   If you choose NONE, nothing will be exposed.

For me, I want LinkedIN to help market my skills and businesses.  So I expose everything that I supplied.   Remember what I said in the Facebook tip.  I only provided info that I wanted to share publicly, so items I consider private like birthday and home address I don’t provide.

If there is a check in the box, that info will be public.  Meaning anyone, including the Search Engines can see it.   For backlinks, you need to ensure Websites is checked here.

Save your changes.

You’re not done yet.  You need to add your Websites to your Profile.   You get a maximum of 3 Websites.   Click on PROFILE at the very top of the page again.   Your profile will be displayed and you will see WEBSITES listed.  Click EDIT or ADD to put your Website in your profile.

You’ll see 2 boxes to fill in for your Website:
1)  A drop down list for Personal, Business, Blog or other.   Choose OTHER and another box appears.
2)  In that new box, use it to describe your site.  In HTML lingo, this is called ‘Anchor Text’.  Search Engines use this to index your Site.   And you want the Anchor Text to be a good search keyword phrase.

How do you want the Search Engine to describe your site:
“Business Website” =
“Need help with back pain?” =

3)  The last box is your domain name.

You can fill in the other boxes on this page, if you choose.  But the Website boxes are vital to create a backlink.   SAVE your changes.

Remember the Reviews and Testimonials tip?.  While we are here on the profile, it’s helpful to know you can request a testimonial from other LinkedIn members.  LinkedIn calles them RECOMMENDATION.

You will see ASK FOR RECOMMENDATION listed just above Websites.  You can use it to ask your customers (who are LinkedIn members) for a review/testimonial.

That’s it to expose your Websites to the Search Engines and create a backlink for the Search Engines to count for you.