General Tips

Do you know the ABCs of Social Media?

Here is my ABCs of Social Media…

AUDIENCE – Where do your customers hangout online? Google +? Facebook? LinkedIn? Start simple. Start with one Social Media site and work on making connections daily.

BUZZ – Engage your audience. Get them talking about YOU and your services.  Don’t forget to respond.  This is best when it’s a 2 way conversation.

CONTENT – Create fresh and unique content to share with your audience. Have you heard…. “Sharing is caring”?   Remember, your content is for your audience. So be sure you know what your audience wants and needs.  It’s not about you.

DATA – Where are your leads are coming from. More importantly, where did your most recent Customers come from. You need to measure and track your audience’s activity so you focus on the best places that bring you the best customers.

ENDORSEMENT – As we research and shop online, we always look at other people’s reviews of a product or service.  Always ask for a testimonial/review to help attract new buyers for your product or service.

FOLLOWUP – Building trust and credibility happens when you follow up. Its not something that happens on day 1 when you first meet someone. As you make connections, friends, follows, and get LIKEs, it important to stay in contact with those people. Don’t waste them.  Get these people on a mailing list to continue contacting them.  This is a vital step to turn leads into buying customers.

Together, all 6 of these will help you be successful with Social Media.