Facebook statistics

Did you know that Facebook tracks the activity on your Facebook Business page?

Facebook calls it “Insights”.  With these “insights” you can see:
  • What Gender and Age are the people who LIKE your page
  • What Cities and Countries are these people in?
  • What Websites sent the people to your Facebook page?
  • What is the most popular tab they visit?
  • What messages (which you put on your wall) is getting the most reader feedback?
All this helps to understand what’s working and what is not, on your Facebook Business page.

To get to this information, click on INSIGHTS while you are editing your Business Page.  You’ll see INSIGHTS in the menu along the left edge of the page.

However, data is only collected when you reach 30 LIKEs.  This is the 2nd Facebook milestone.  Having 30 or more LIKEs to collect and see your Facebook activity stats.

Continue growing your LIKEs to get these free statistics.