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How to Automate sharing on Social Media

You want to get the largest possible audience to see your latest Blog post.  And that means duplicating or sharing your blog post on all the top Social Media sites.

Some Social Media sites allow you to share with another site.  As LinkedIn can share your status update on Twitter.

But there a new tool gaining popularity that can help automate more.  It’s called   It’s short for “If This, Then That”.  With ifttt, you define conditions  (If This) and when that condition happens do something (Then That).

I found it really useful for sharing my blog posts on LinkedIn.  In the past I was using the WordPress plugin on LinkedIn.  But my blog posts only show with in the WordPress window – not as a status update.   So connections needed to view my Linkedin page regularly and scroll down to to the WordPress box got to see my Social Media tips there.  That doesn’t happen.

But now with the improved automation with ifttt, my blog posts get shared as a status update.

Linkedin isn’t the only site or tool that you can automate.  Ifttt has all the major sites and tool conections.   Here is more examples of what you can automate.

Have fun setting up your ifttt tasks to automate your activites.