Search Engines LOVE video

Search Engines LOVE video.  Particularly Google, since Google purchased YouTube in 2006.  Right now there are over 900 million videos on YouTube.

While there are lots of other sites for storing and sharing Video, YouTube is the place to be for Video.  It’s OK to use the other sites also.

Even if you don’t have your own Video there yet, you can create your own “channel” and select your favorite videos.   Your “channel”, like your Blog, can be the distribution point to send your videos and backlinks to all the Social Media sites.

Your Channel Viewers can share your videos, subscribe to get your new videos, mark videos as their favorite, and write reviews.

In effect, YouTube has joined the ranks of being a huge Social Media site.   And like the rest, it’s free also.

You can setup your own YouTube channel here–> and click on CREATE ACCOUNT in the upper right corner.

Then when you have a Video ready, you simply click ‘upload’ to start the process.  Many of today’s ‘flip’ type of Video cameras make it even easier to upload videos.

You’ll be surprised to know that amateur video is better than professional video.  So don’t be afraid to use whatever clip you just created.  Even if you just captured it with your cell phone.

Some people don’t want to be in front of the camera.  That’s OK too.  Many videos are picture slideshows with music or some other audio track.  Or an instructional video of a person’s desktop with only the person’s voice.

Have fun with this one.   Feel free to share your favorite YouTube video.