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A website’s ranking position, on page 1 in the search results, is vital to get more phone calls or more appointments. But there are only 10 exclusive spots on page 1. If you aren’t already there, then more is needed to help your website. More what? Keep reading…

You may not be aware, but Google looks at more than 200 factors when deciding which websites gets those 10 spots on page 1. Everyone wants to be there – but Google’s algorithm is what chooses the lucky 10.

Would you like to see the full list of 200+ factors? Well – Google doesn’t want to share what those are. It’s their “proprietary information”. However, there are several good articles that present collected data to produce what they “think” is Google’s factors. Google is constantly tweeking and adjusting their algorithm daily. So keep in mind that what worked yesterday may not work today.

Ranking in Google is a whole lot more than just some words on your website. Sure ..  more words help. But there is still more that you need. Think of it this way. Moving up higher in Google’s search results is like a hot air balloon. It takes extra hot Search results is like a hot air balloonair to get the balloon off the ground. Then continued bursts of hot air to keep it up there. Stop the hot air and the balloon falls lower, back to the ground. Your position in the search results operates exactly the same way.

To help move your Website higher in Google’s search results, you need…
• Brand Mentions
• Social Media Signals
• Local Listings (Citations) such as Yelp
• Reviews on public sites: Google Maps, Yelp and more
• Backlinks – links on other websites that point to your website
• Monitoring to Remove Links with No Value

I explain each of these further down.

This is NOT a one time setup. It’s an ongoing process.  Again, like the hot air balloon, CONTINUED bursts of hot air keep the balloon up and rising higher. When you stop, the balloon (and your website) falls lower.

This is an ONGOING monthly service, $450 every month, to continue growing your presence online and help your website rise higher in the search results.



Brand Mentions

A “Brand Mention” isn’t a link.  Instead someone writes an article, blog post or share on social media about a particular brand.  Just as with speaking with someone you might say … ‘I got my new TV on Amazon’.   Even though I have typed this here, you’ll notice amazon isn’t a link.  You can’t click it.  But Google recognizes the brand .. Amazon.  And behind the scenes at google, it counts as a ranking factor.

In your case you need your brand mentioned.  The most common place is in social media.

Social Media Signals

Google can see some of what’s shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. When a page on your website is shared, Google counts that as a social signal.   Don’t confuse this with sharing just anything on social media.  The page needs to be shared. Here is an example on Facebook.  Facebook used the page name to retrieve a picture from that page as well as the some info from the page.

social signal on facebook
Local Listings (Citations)

A citation is a page or directory that lists your business name, business address, and phone number. Also called NAP. In most cases, directories will include a place for your Website too. is a really great example of a Citation. When you setup a free listing on Yelp, you provide your NAP and website. Google will see it and count it as a citation. But, for citations to be counted, your NAP must match what’s on your website.


You should already be asking every client for a review of your products or services. But WHERE are you asking people to leave them? A hand written note or postcard doesn’t help you in the search results. Yes, those would be great to show on your website. But to get you real help in the search results, they need to be done by that individual on a public site. The top 2 places are your Google Map listing (also called google my business) and on There are several other sites too. It’s always good to spread your reviews around. But these are the very first places to start if you have zero reviews.


These are links on other websites that point to a page on your website. A page with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher with all major search engines, including Google.

Notice that I said “page on your website” and not just website.  Google doesn’t rank domain names.  It ranks pages.  So ranking is really ranking the home page of   So for your website backlinks need to point to the specific pages you want found in Google.  That is not always your home page.

Monitoring to Remove Links with No Value

Not all website links are created equal.  A good example is a celebrity recommendation.  Lets say Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory TV show talked about you or your company.  And then maybe the mayor of your city talked about you or your company.  One of them has larger authority and a larger number of trusted followers.

It works the same with websites.  Some have a higher authority and trust than other websites.  Therefore you don’t want low authority websites to drag you down.  They need to be identified and removed.

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