Weekly reports with your Website data


Can you answer these?

– How many people visited your website?
– What is the most popular page? It may not be your home page.
– Where are people coming from before they arrive at your website?
– What keywords is Google using to display your website?
– What ranking position are you in for those keywords?

Most people don't know. But you will, after I setup your weekly reports from data that Google is collecting for your website.



As a business owner, you most likely track your important business numbers …
– What was last month’s total sales?
– What are the monthly expenses?
– What was the net income?
– How many employees are there?

You should think of your website as an employee also. Your website needs to be contributing to the business too. That’s why you need to know your website numbers.

By emailing you the reports, there is no excuse not to look at your numbers every week. That way you can be sure your website is working for you, to bring more phone calls or to get you more booked appointments.

Below is an example of the keywords report. Google keeps track of the keyword phrases people are searching for. Including which websites got clicked in the search results.

In the report below….

(not set) means Google has some keyword phrases it doesn’t disclose. All those get bundled together as “not set”.

IMPRESSIONS is the number of times this website SHOWED in the search results for that keyword phrase.

CLICKS is how many people CLICKED through to that website for that phrase. We want to see clicks.  That is people visiting the website.

AVERAGE POSITION is the website’s ranking position in the search results (an average from each impression). We want this to be less than 11. Remember 1 to 10 are the positions on page 1. Consider yourself invisible if you aren’t on page 1 for that keyword phrase, because one of the other 10 companies listed on page 1 was the one who got called.

Positions higher than 11 means more needs to be done to move this Website higher for that keyword phrase.  What more can be done? Learn about how Backlinks and Citations help.

Example report to see keywords that are being used

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