Website photos when sharing on facebook

Blogging can lead to Viral Marketing. That’s when people share your Website and Blog posts on other Social Media sites. You want this.

It’s not copyright infringement, because the source of the info is your Website and Blog. Think of it like a footnote in a publication. The footnote shows the source of the quoted info.

Having your Visitors share your information is the same. And every time something is shared from your Site, a backlink is created that the Search Engines will count. You want this too.

To help optimize the sharing of your information, there are 3 items you should have in your Website. More specifically, these 3 items are within HTML code of your website.

This may get kinda technical. So if your eyes start glazing over, let me know and I can help.

The 3 parts are; Title, Description, and thumbnail image. Each of these should be within the “code” of your Webpage. If they are not, sharing will still work. But minimal information will be shared. You can control that by ensuring these 3 parts are in your Website.

Try it yourself to see what I’m describing.

At the end of this post is various buttons to share my Blog post on other popular sites. Click on the Facebook icon.

Facebook will display a “what’s on your mind box” along with info from your Website and blog. There is a picture (the thumbnail image), a Title (of your website or blog page), and a detailed description under the URL.

You may not see all three of these coming from your Website or Blog. Here is what you need to ensure they show up.

Whatever tool you use to make changes to your Website, there should be a place to edit ‘TITLE’, ‘DESCRIPTION’, and the thumbnail image. It will be near the top of your Web page and look like this. They can be in any order.

<link rel=”image_src” href=”” />

<title>Are your Customers and Clients finding your Website? Flash Forward Sites</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”There is more to do than just building a Website. We help with getting your website and your Business noticed on the Internet.” />

If you are Blogging, each Blog Post can have these 3 parts. And they can be unique for each post. Being unique is better. Thats another image and set of keywords on each Blog post for the Search Engines to pickup.

Maybe you don’t even edit your own Website. But, you can tell your Website Designer what you want and they can fix it for you.

It’s easy to test and see the results, just by sharing your Website or specific Blog post on Facebook.