2 Way Conversations

You have your facebook Business page, your facebook profile, and maybe you have a twitter account.  You have people LIKEing your business page and following you on Twitter.  But how do you turn those people into Customers?

It’s still about building Trust.  On Facebook and Twitter, the best way to do that is with 2 way conversations.

So far you have been writing things on your Facebook wall or sending out messages with Twitter.  That is a 1 way conversation.  You want people responding back.  Have 2 way conversations to build trust with your viewers.  Make it easy for prospective leads and Customers to speak with you online.

Here is some ideas to help you get started:
  • Ask a really good question, an open ended question to get your veiwers to respond.  For example “I read that constant headaches can sometimes be helped or cured by a chiropractor.  Have you had a chiropractic adjustment which helped your headaches?”   This doesn’t need to be a business question.  Use personal questions too.
  • Conduct a short Survey.  Ask people what they think.  Maybe you have been considering to offer a new product or service.  You can ask who would be interested in such a product or service.
  • Post a photo of your customer. For example, if you work with animals, you can display a “pet of the day” on your business page and tag the owner.  This will show up on the Owner’s wall.  A “pet of the day” would work great for a Vet or Groomer.  If you have a product you are selling, like jewelry, use photos of people wearing it.
  • Give Free Advice.  Hold a Q&A on your wall. Let people know they can write questions on your wall and you will provide free advice or direct them where to get more info.
Many people are shy online.  So after you write something on your wall, be direct and ask your viewer to “click LIKE if you like this”.

Do your part too. You should also respond on your client’s comments and answer their questions.

Keep the 2 way conversations going.