Are you ready to turn visitors into Leads?

Use your website and social media to generate Leads. How? By offering a “Call to Action”.

It starts when a person finds your Website, Blog, or Facebook page looking for information on products or services that you offer. Right now they are just a “visitor”. We want “visitors” who are ready and eager to get more information from you. That’s your signal that they are a LEAD.

The best way to identify the Leads, from all the visitors, is with a “Call to Action”. It’s some sort of special offer, allowing the visitor to take the next step. That offer could be to click something or call a number. Remember, it’s the next step of clicking or calling which is what makes the visitor a Lead.

Here are some ideas for your own “Call to Action”

– Click on the picture and download a free ebook

– Call today for your free quote

– signup for a free Webinar and download a free product

– click here for more details

– Call this number ________ and hear a pre-recorded message with more details

– Click here to download and read the first chapter of my new book

– “LIKE” my facebook page

– Text “HotDeal” to 7027141770, to get a 10% off Coupon

The “call to action” is simple. Click or call to get more. Put the “call to action” everywhere. Your Website, Blog, and Facebook page. You can even put something in your email signature. Get the visitor to take the next step, to become a Lead.

The “call to action” doesn’t always need to be a free product. Although that does work the best. You can offer a discount on your product or service. Or partner with someone else, and offer their free or discounted product or service.

In return for getting something, the Lead is typically required to provide their contact information. That is how you build your Lead or Prospect list. The process of collecting the Lead’s info could be as simple as receiving an email with the Lead’s contact info within it.

Now it’s up to you to follow up.