5 Tips For Increasing Traffic To Your Business Website

The more visitors that arrive at your website, the more potential customers see the products and services you’re offering. The more potential consumers you can attract to your site, the more sales you could possibly make. For these reasons, targeted traffic to your website is very important for your online business. What are some effective ways you can boost or drive traffic to your website to increase your conversion rate? Here are a few ideas.

Guest Posts

There’s an ongoing debate about the value of guest posts. With the correct approach, guest posts can be very beneficial to your online marketing efforts and generate lots of new traffic. It’s important to blog only on websites that are relevant to your audience so you have a better chance of generating valuable high-quality traffic.

Be sure to offer a lead that will tempt new visitors back to your website. You can also offer to have other businesses to guest post on your website in return. Remember that you don’t have to stick exclusively to text and images. Guest posts or appearances can include podcasts, social media takeovers, and even video. By 2021, it’s projected that 80% of all internet traffic will be video.


Reviews can be an invaluable tool in drawing traffic to your business website. It’s even been said that reviews are key to local search engine optimization. Statistics show that 90% of consumers make buying decisions based on positive online reviews and 94% of those require a business with at least a four-star rating. That’s an impossible statistic to ignore. One of the most important things a small business can do today in its marketing is to take control of their online review score and focus on ways to maintain and improve it.

On-Page SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), many are so mired in optimizing keywords and heading tags, they leave out some equally effective techniques like on-page SEO. Your business website and its content need to be relevant and have value for those seeking what you have to offer. Creating unique, relevant content along with captivating meta descriptions takes time. Optimizing for relevant keywords takes time, too. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Your SEO needs to be on point to be competitive, so the best course of action is to cover all of your bases and SEO tactics.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox. Social media venues have huge audiences and provide an efficient way to get your content in front of more people and to sneak your goods and services into the personal networks of the fans you have already.

Hashtags are becoming increasingly important on social media venues. With so much content out there online, people are using hashtags to focus only on what they want to see. If you can discern the relevant hashtags your fans are using, you can focus directly on your target audience.

Email Marketing

It surprises many that not only is email marketing alive and well, but it’s also a very effective way of bringing traffic to your website. The goal with email marketing is to welcome new sign-ups and then foster a relationship with your subscribers. The folks who subscribe to your mailing list want you to email them. It’s a good thing you’re hard at work on creating content of value to interest them. Let them know how often they will hear from you, and keep your mailings focused on your business but in an engaging, honest way.


We hope you can use these five tips for increasing website traffic and implement them for your business in an effective way. In optimizing your on-page SEO, you’ll increase your search engine rankings and draw more unique visitors to your business site. In using hashtags in all of your social media marketing, you can target new customers that you might not have reached otherwise. Email marketing will help you maintain relationships with your dedicated fans and guest posts will help you draw potential new customers from other sites. Reviews are an invaluable tool that will help people decide whether to buy your products or services. In using these five tactics, you’ll be on your way to boosting your search engine ranking, growing your online audience, and finding new ways to drive targeted traffic to your website.


“If you build it – They will come” doesn’t work with websites. You need people to VISIT your website. That means more needs to be done to direct people there. That’s where I can help. I would be happy to discuss what you need.