Keywords in Google search results

Google has enhanced their display of search results. Maybe you noticed?

If you use your mouse and hover on top of a website in the Google search results a double arrow >> is displayed.

Move your mouse to hover on the >> and small version of the webpage is displayed along the right edge. In addition, Google will take a snippet from the page and display in a black box. Notice that the words you are searching for determines the snippet that Google displays. You’ll also see that Google notated, with a red box, where it pulled the snippet.

How can you use this feature to your advantage?

Make sure your content, meaning your web pages and blog posts contain keywords that people will use to find your page or blog.

As always, fresh and unique content is king. Make sure you have the right keywords in it too. And you will be rewarded with a higher position in the search results.

Here is an example. Search for…
quickbooks training bookkeeping phoenix

On the first page of the search results, I hover on  And then hover on the >> next to it.   You will see a mini webpage like this with the search words in the snippet, and notated in the red box. 

Try it yourself, on your own website.  Add in keywords where necessary to improve your search results positioning and help Google display your snippets.